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Van der Ham visits Dutch Airforce in the Middle-East

14 jun 2016
Van der ham visits military in the middle east

As chairman of the Dutch Humanists, Boris van der Ham, visited the Humanist chaplain who followed the military in the Middle-East.

The Dutch airforce is fighting against IS-terrorist in the middle-east. The people who are working in the military can get help for personal reflection of priests, an imam, a protestant pastor, a rabbi, but also a humanist counselar. A large part of the military is not religious affiliated, so this non-religious counselar can be of a help for them. 

Boris van der Ham spoke with the counselar and with many individual persons. "Many of the people here think there work is hard, but also important. But at the same time they miss there families, and will sometime face doubts. Whatever your political view on this mission in the Middle-East, its important that we support the men and women who are working here." 

Van der Ham also visited the US-base in the Middle-East to talk about possible future humanist counselars in the American army.