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Van der Ham meets Epstein at Harvard

21 okt 2013
Van der ham meets epstein at harvard

Greg Epstein, writer of best seller 'Good without God', welcomed Boris van der Ham at the Harvard Humanist office. Mr. Epstein is head of the Harvard Humanists and Mr. Van der Ham chairman of one of the biggest Humanist organizations in the world: The Dutch Humanists.

They had a public conversation about the future of Humanism. How to build communities that can be an alternative for all those secular, atheist, agnostic and liberal people in both the USA and Europe? Mr. Epstein is currently writing a new book about this subject. Mr. Van der Ham told about is experiences, both as a lawmaker and as the chairman of the Dutch humanists. In his book ‘The Morality of Freedom’ (‘De vrije moraal’) he tried to give some moral direction to our free society.