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Boris on 'War on Drugs' in Guatamala

18 okt 2013
Boris on war on drugs in guatamala

At the annual summit of Liberal International Mr. Boris van der Ham addressed the congress about the War on Drugs. This years summit is held in Guatemala where society is suffering fiercely of the mafia, sky-high violence ratings, corruption and other drug related crime. Mr. Van der Ham’s – writer of the book ‘The Morality of Freedom’ – gave his view on this matter.

The president of Guatemala took the initiative to review the War on Drugs.  “It has not work until now. We have to try something different.” Many other heads of state in Latin America supported this remarkable view.  These heads of state stated that the money involved with this war could be better spent on healthcare, help farmers to find alternative incomes. Also they said that the western world should be more aware of the results of their f.e. Coke-use for their countries.

Mr. Van der Ham supported this view, and gave a speech about the way drug related health issues could be reduced. He said that the coming years will be important since the drug treaties of the UN are been reviewed. “Now is the chance to change this old treaties for the sake of harm reduction, protecting children and to lower crime rates.”

Liberal International is the umbrella organisation of all Liberal-Democrat political parties of the world. D66, VVD (NL), Liberal Democrats (Uk), FDP (DE), Venstre, Radikale Venstre (DK), Democratic Party (USA).