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Freedom at the Dutch Church London

15 okt 2014
Freedom at the dutch church london

The Dutch Church in London invited Boris van der Ham as the keynote speaker at a ‘dinner Pensant. The church is situated in the heart of the City, the business district of London. It organizes various meetings for Dutch expats in the British capital. Van der Ham spoke about the diversity and complexity of freedom.

Boris van der Ham was for many years the deputy floor leader of the Liberal Democrats (D66) in the Dutch Parliament. In 2012 he chose to get out of politics for a while, to catch some 'fresh air' That resulted in two books, including one on the history and current dilemmas of the permissive society , This year his new book was published on the theatre of politics.

Next to writing Van der Ham is president of the Dutch Humanist Association, the organization that unites atheists, humanists, agnostics and liberals. In that position he frequently interferes with the public debate on morality, religion, human rights and freedom. During the dinner he addressed the challenges of freedom.

Van der Ham is in London because of the "secular conference" which will focus on IS and the threat to liberties.